Our Quality Standards

We are committed to providing our customers we serve with premium products of the highest quality standards. Manufacturing processes are performed with a steadfast commitment to excellence of quality. They are carefully vetted, and adherence to high ethical standards. Our commitment to Quality Control ensures that the final product reflects these high standards and satisfies our customer's needs. We have listed a few capabilities below. 

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Encapsulation: 3.5 Million capsules/day.
  • Bottling: 50,000+ Bottles/day.
  • Labeling: 50,000+ Bottles Labeled/day.
  • Everything is manufactured insured.
  • All Products are full third-party test.
  • Multi-skilled Warehouse and Manufacturing Team.
  • High efficiency machines.
  • High-speed automated bottling lines.
  • Super clean facility.
  • Adhere to GMP and FDA Guidelines.

Grelix considers itself to be an industry leader in providing herbal supplements, vitamin supplements, weight-loss & detox supplements, brain supplements, and sport nutrition supplements. With our quick turnaround times, we have what our customers need for optimal health for their minds and bodies; and can meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses desiring wholesale single/bulk products, no matter how fast it is expanding. We are dedicated to setting ourselves apart by delivering product that exceeds our customers’ expectations.